790 Sports, Games and Entertainment

Completed: April 2018

Classification: 796.343

Title: A Different Kind of Daughter: The Girl Who Hid From the Taliban In Plain Sight

Author: Maria Toorpakai with Katherine Holstein

“Maria Toorpakai Wazir has lived her life disguised as a boy, defying the Taliban, in order to pursue her love of sport. Coming second in a national junior weightlifting event for boys, Maria decided to put her future in her own hands by going in disguise.

When she discovered squash and was easily beating all the boys, life became more dangerous.

Heart-stopping and profoundly moving, Maria shares the story of her long road and eventual triumph, pursuing the sport she loved, defying death threats and following her dream.”

Mini Review: Determination, dedication and a loving, supportive family pushed Maria Toorpakai to succeed in an environment that would have had her stifled or seen her dead. Making a career in sport is difficult enough for women, but for Maria it was almost impossible as she was raised in a land that expected women to stay covered and stay at home. Her parents were seen as rebels in their youth (mother wanted an education and father believed in women’s rights) so they were married to each other as punishment from their subsequent tribes, and became a love match. Being born to such parents saved her life as she found she was not like the other girls and sought her freedom first by dressing as a boy. Such a great read I can’t recommend it enough.

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